Architecture Of Happiness

Architecture Of Happiness

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Morphosis. GA Houses. 9 1981: 158 - 155 | RNDRD

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Weronika Dudka

Béton Brut

BBC 4 Drama Idea: Hard hitting mini-series following a chain smoking, mid 30’s, post-war, city council architect- charged with the responsibility of designing large scale social housing for the needy. Though tough and hard lined, behind a professional shell she suffers a personal struggle to balance her work and home life - ultimately causing her partner to storm out of their flat in Holloway seething, ‘the only thing that’s béton brut is your cold damn heart!’ before slamming the door behind him. The series opens as our protagonist (Oona Chaplin) is sent to her boss (Johnathan Meades) after a heated discussion with a senior male architect (Will Self) over the impact of working class social displacement. As she enters the office he swings around in his Eames 675 Lobby Lounge Chair banging his fist on the teak office desk, exclaiming in exasperation: ‘For Christ’s sake, we pay you to design glass ceilings not bloody break them!’ 

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Drive Blind
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Hi :) I'm Jordi from Jamaica. I am volunteering in Building Trust International's Design+Build Workshop to be held in Cambodia in November to build sustainable homes in impoverished communities. I entered a competition to help get funding funding for my trip. It would mean so much to me if you helped make this a reality by voting and sharing this link. getgoing-toyota. com/challenge/ae9c0b04bb59cbe651824e695fabddc5/ Every mickle makes a muckle. Thanks in advanced for your help!

I can’t get the link to work for some reason I just get a 404 type page! but I’ll share this for anyone who is better at computers than me as it seems like a legit/good cause! has some good examples of work from past projects for anyone else who’s interested in this sort of thing

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