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I really like Tee and Cake and their dino tees. I wish they’d start making them for dudes (which is not to say I haven’t thought about just buying the girls ones but they’re kind of like a long dress fit). I always get pretty excited when they do a new one so I can try and get V to buy one for her…for me.


I’m fairly sure this isn’t a t-rex skeleton  I understand it’s not really that important to the t-shirt and I can sort of forgive the incorrect victorian-era posture of the t-rex because it needs to fit on the t-shirt. But even then the skull looks wrong, the neck vertebrae don’t extend enough, the pubis is just completely wrong and the icing on the cake is the dino on this t-shirt (whatever it is) has a five digit claw and T-rex only had two digits. What’s the point, why lie about the dino? just give it’s real name, the poor guy! I’d be even less bothered if tee and cake didn’t post it on facebook with ‘scrub up on your t-rex knowledge' WHAT WITH A T-SHIRT WITH A PICTURE OF A DINOSAUR THAT IS NOT A T-REX ON IT?! WHAT USE IS THAT TO ME!
Now I could understand that tee and cake do the whole vintage thing and this might explain the incorrect posture, maybe it’s an old reconstruction of a t-rex skeleton, BUT NO, even William D. Matthew’s first restoration in 1905 was a more accurate T-rex skeleton than this.
SO, nerd moaning aside it’s still a great t-shirt design, so none of this really matters. BUT do we really have to be scientifically inaccurate to be cool? can’t we be both? Someone make a me an accurate T-rex skeleton t-shirt, or even this t-shirt with the correct dinosaur’s name at the top! I don’t have favourites all dinos are cool, OBVIOUSLY YOU DON’T THINK SO THOUGH DO YOU TEE AND CAKE. 


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    I think I just had a heart-attack and a black-out. Now I’m just consumed with rage.
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    It’s a Heterodontosaurus. Ridiculously off target.
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    Yeah, pretty sure that’s a hypsilophodon or close relative. Not even a carnivore. Getting quality dinosaur t-shirts that...
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