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Free music, guys!


Adam’s solo ‘Bad Cover Versions’ mini album! Featuring covers of: Sigur Rós, Bloc Party, Thom Yorke/Radiohead and Albert Hammond Jr.

"Pakora Song"
9/8+6/8 (4/4)

Jumped into the river what did I see?
Deep fried cauliflower swam with me
A moon full of chickpeas and coriander
All the things I used to see
All my pasts and futures
And we all went to heaven on a little plate
There was nothing to fear
nothing to doubt. 
There was nothing to fear 
nothing to doubt.  

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Tim Kinsella/Music

I get so frustrated with music sometimes, I guess that’s what happens when you love something so much. I end up hating bands I actually love. To me Tim Kinsella (and comrades) is the perfect example of what music should be. Joan of Arc* is literally the only band I can think of that doesn’t annoy me, it’s shattered and it’s pure. It does what it wants and it is so obtuse and almost anti-music that it stands alone. I know at first this can be frustrating but they’re the most rewarding band I’ve ever listened to. I think sometimes people don’t understand the bands I like because with music, songs can relate to you on such a specific level that very few people get that reaction that you do. It’s the same with other bands it’s such a specific thing that it can only affect a limited amount of people dramatically. The thing with bands like Radiohead and Arcade Fire is that they’re universally beautiful, but as a result they can never reach the level of connection that very specific songs can. In short I love Tim Kinsella’s music intensely, his book is brilliant as well. 

Radiohead - Codex
I just killed a snow fox on Skyrim by accident and I honestly feel terrible, I thought it was a wolf and it was just a fox. This was playing at the time, I feel like jumping off the Throat of the World. 

The other day a 7 year old-ish girl came up to me in the street and said she liked my jeans but didn’t like my shoes. So I learnt the chords to the ‘from a great height’ interlude section of Paranoid Android so I can play it on call whenever someone says something mean to me. 

So I walk into studio at pain o’clock

and it’s a 30 minute walk because I can’t afford the bus any more, and if that isn’t sad enough when I walk in someone is playing Street Spirit (fade out) by Radiohead at full blast and now they’re playing that Sigur Ros song from the ending of Life Aquatic. I’m too tired to cry so I’m just drawing tears 1:500 scale in autocad. 

I used to imagine that when people listened to Mogwai they heard what I hear when I listen to Oceansize, it’s the only solution I could come up with that would explain why a band that I personally think is vastly better than the other had much less commercial success. I now imagine that when people listen to Radiohead’s newer catalogue they hear what Vessels sound like to me, it’s the only solution I can come up with that would explain why people go on about how great Radiohead are all the time; that somehow they actually hear this song by Vessels from their newest album Helioscope. 

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Radiohead - Pyramid song (live on Top of the Pops)

When this was broadcast my Dad’s friend rang up and was like “WTF.” I still feel like it has the ability to stop everything in it’s tracks.